Ristorante "Villa di Carlo"

Viale Caduti della Resistenza, 1 - Montegrimano, 33.8Km da Montefelcino
The varied Mediterranean cuisine, the flavour of the traditional “Marchigiani” and “Romagnoli” dishes, vegetarian menus or different low calorie options. This is all accompanied by the waters that rise directly from the source and the aromas of our tisanes, prepared with medicinal herbs. A symphony of the flavours, perfumes and c...

Ristorante dal Mago

Via Morganti 16 - Morro d'Alba, 33.9Km da Montefelcino

Trattoria Taddeo e Federico

Via Mancini, 4 - Sant'Angelo in Vado, 34.8Km da Montefelcino
Palazzo Baldani is a historic building of neo-classical style going back to the end of the 18th century. It is a restaurant where one can enjoy the flavours of our traditions and of our region. It is sited in the historical small centre of Sant’Angelo in Vado in the Marches region and it was an ancient Roman “municipium” that a...

Ristorante L'Arengo

Viale Antonio Onofri, 31 - San Marino, 37.9Km da Montefelcino
A modern and refined Restaurant one step away from the historic center… The tastes of a welcoming and informal location together with the pleasure of a traditional and genuine cuisine… The pleasure of joining together in a place suiting every occasion....

Ristorante La Terrazza

Contrada del Collegio, 31 - San Marino, 37.9Km da Montefelcino
A Terrace suspended among the palaces and streets of the historic center, the impressive and multicoloured landscapes of the Marecchia Valley and the sky, with its marvellous sunsets. The enchantment of the location matches with the tastes of teh traditional cuisine and the pleasure of good wines, to create an almost magical a...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Agli Antichi Orti"

Viale Federico d'Urbino, 5 - San Marino, 37.9Km da Montefelcino

Ristorante Pizzeria "Cacao Il Ristorantino"

via XXV Marzo 12 - San Marino, 38.0Km da Montefelcino

Ristorante "Schiumakers"

Strada dei censiti, 3 - San Marino, 38.4Km da Montefelcino

Ristorante "Quartopiano" - Suite Restaurant

via Chiabrera 34d - Rimini, 39.7Km da Montefelcino

Ristorante Macki

Via Lagomaggio 129 - Rimini, 40.3Km da Montefelcino
In the last few years the restaurant has become one of the most renowned in Rimini province for its rich fish dishes. They range from countless kinds of hot and cold starters, to tasteful risotto, to unmissable mixed grills. In Rimini, the restaurant Macki is a tranquil place, capable of satisfying a wide variety of needs Macki ...

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