Agriturismo "Il Poggiolo"

Via Gorgognano, 4 - Pianoro, 4.9Km da Monterenzio
To 15 km from San lazzaro di savena and 22 from Bologna downtown, into unpolluted val di Zena,il Poggiolo has the use of one inside hall for 90 people and one suggestive covered pergolato with heating for more of 100 people.Moreover one private hall for 20 p. The traditional bolognese kitchen with fresh pasta made with rolling p...

Agriturismo Farneto

Via Collina, 3 - Monterenzio

Agriturismo Poggiolandi

Via Sassonero, 3 - Monterenzio

Agriturismo QuerciaBuca

Via di Tagliacane, 3 - Pianoro, 8.5Km da Monterenzio

Agriturismo "Cà Monti"

Via Montemorosino, 4 - Sassoleone, 10.2Km da Monterenzio
The restaurant operates on a reservation. You can enjoy seasonal menus based on local products, pasta with homemade rolling pin with spices of the season (in spring Prugnoli mushrooms and wild asparagus, in summer Shallots of Romagna and other vegetables from our garden, autumn mushrooms and truffles white of our forests). The l...

Agriturismo Rio Soglia

Via Montecalderaro, 575/G - Castel San Pietro Terme, 10.6Km da Monterenzio

Trattoria "Gustavino & Passalacqua"

Località Selve, 261/A - Monzuno, 10.9Km da Monterenzio

La Taverna del Farneto

Via Jussi, 188 - San Lazzaro di Savena, 12.0Km da Monterenzio

Trattoria Monti

Via Sumbilla, 27 - Monghidoro, 12.1Km da Monterenzio

Agriturismo San Giuliano

Via Galletta, 3 - San Lazzaro di Savena, 13.5Km da Monterenzio

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