Ristorante Siriano Zenobia

piazza dante 23/24 - Roma, 12.7Km da Morena
Syrian Restaurant Zenobia, in center of Rome, arab pub, thea room and Belly dance show on friday and Saturday....

Ristorante "Maud"

Via Capo d'Africa, 6 - Roma, 13.1Km da Morena
The restaurant Maud, in Rome and in front of the Colosseum, is a restaurant, aperitif, art gallery and american bar. Philosophically perfect for those who want to spend out-of-time moments while being completely immersed in unimaginable colors, flavors and atmospheres, while in the meantime tasting both classical and more "d...

Ristorante "Os Club"

Via delle Terme di Traiano 4A - Roma, 13.2Km da Morena
"Os Club is a reality where the characteristics typical of many places come together to create a space where everyone can feel at home, because we each have special places in my heart that, even from miles and miles away from home, feels as its own." OS Club is located in the historic center, in green Oppian a few steps from the ...

Ristorante Kosher "Yesh" Steakhouse

Via Silvestro Gherardi, 51 - Roma, 13.2Km da Morena

Ristorante pizzeria "Pepe Rosso"

Via Enrico Fermi 71,73 - Roma, 13.3Km da Morena

Ristorante & Carpacceria "DAAD"

Viale Avignone 100 - Roma, 13.4Km da Morena
This small restaurant is a must for all Italian food lovers, where you can enjoy a set menu at lunch which changes daily and a romantic dinner, of course it is perfect for a business dinner where you can quietly discuss your business with your guests. The restaurant offers a unique design and decor with a very warm ambiance. T...

Ristorante "Vini e Sapori"

via Don Nazario Galieti, 22 - Genzano di Roma, 13.4Km da Morena

Ristorante Apuleius

Via del Tempio di Diana, 15 - Roma, 13.4Km da Morena
Colors and emotions from past times will lead you in a striking parenthesis of the Imperial Rome with a high class cuisine in regard of tradition and ingredients' quality. The rooms often chosen by Rome's most loved actor Alberto Sordi, are furnished with authentic roman archeological finds in care of the Cultural Ministry....

Ristorante "Osteria Il Buco del Grillo"

Via Italo Belardi, 48 - Genzano di Roma, 13.5Km da Morena

Pizzeria Le Tre Lune a Roma Est

Via di Lunghezzina, 75 - Roma, 13.5Km da Morena

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