Ristorante "7 Archi"

Via Marchesana, 6 - Bologna, 18.7Km da Muffa
A charming restaurant in the very centre of Bologna, Ristorante 7 Archi is a cornerstone of local life, a favourite spot on the bustling streets of the historic Italian city, nestled between chichi shops, pretty piazzas and fashionable bars. An architectural gem, 7 Archi is surrounded by tall gothic vaults, complemented by m...

Ristorante Messicano "Piedra Del Sol"

Via Goito, 20 - Bologna, 18.8Km da Muffa
A local fun where you can dine with dishes of traditional Mexican: good the chilie with flesh and the fajitas, excellent l' "Salad Maya" with chicken served in a basket with a fried tortillas. High quality all the meat dishes, always accompanied by tortillas warm. To drink, a perfumed Sangria (which is available by the glass w...

Trattoria del Rosso

Via Augusto Righi 30 - Bologna, 18.8Km da Muffa
A typical Trattoria bolognese, simply local food, easy atmosphere. The cheapest Trattoria in town. Everyday and every night special complete menu with Pastra, Main course, side dish Dessert and water for 10 Euros....

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Vignolese"

Via Vignolese, 645 - Modena, 19.0Km da Muffa

Ristorante "Bravo Caffè" Live club

Via Mascarella 1 - Bologna, 19.0Km da Muffa

Enoteca "Sette Tavoli" Bottiglieria con...cucina

Via Cartoleria, 15/2 - Bologna, 19.1Km da Muffa

Trattoria pizzeria "l'Assassino"

Via Vinazzetti, 7/A - Bologna, 19.4Km da Muffa

Ristorante "Santa Maria Fuori le Mura"

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 95 - Nonantola, 19.5Km da Muffa

Ristorante Enoteca "Giro di Vite"

Via delle Fonti, 45/B - Bologna, 19.8Km da Muffa
In one of the oldest districts of Bologna, in front of the Ancient Sources of Thermal Corticella, born a peaceful island dedicated to the taste. Careful research on wines, the quality and freshness of raw materials, a common passion, the desire to share them with others are the synthesis of "Giro di Vite". You will be offered a v...

Ristorante "Osteria dei Cavalieri"

V.le Oriani 38/2 - Bologna, 20.1Km da Muffa

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