Osteria Verona antica

Via Sottoriva, 10/A - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar

Aquila Nera Cafè

Galleria Pellicciai, 2 - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar
In the heart of Verona, 100 meters from Piazza delle Erbe a short walk from the Arena of Verona now shines the Aquila Nera Café. A refined to meet, make a pleasant break or lunch. Aquila Nera café offers the best premises of this type can give: the Cafeteria with a wide selection of wines, champagne, spirits and classic c...

Antica Trattoria Pero d'Oro

Via Ponte Pignolo, 25 - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar

Pizzeria Du de Cope

Galleria Pellicciai, 10 - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar

Ristorante Prosciutteria "Il Banco"

Via Ponte Nuovo 7 - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar

Ristorante Pizzeria Corte Farina

Corte Farina, 4 - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar
Located in the heart of Verona in a modern and warm flour court offers Neapolitan pizza cooked in wood oven and prepared with wheat flour Italian, produced by organic farming, and yeast and meat tender and full of flavor from the Pampas....

Ristorante al Cristo Pintxos Bistrot

Piazzetta Pescheria, 6 - Verona, 10.8Km da Negrar

Trattoria "Pescheria i Masenini"

Piazzetta Pescheria, 9 - Verona, 10.9Km da Negrar
Piazzetta Pescheria,outside the major tourists tours, is one of the most suggestive places in Verona. In ancient times, as we can understand from the name “Pescheria” (fish place), in this little square “Piazzetta” used to take place the fish market. Today it has become one of the most quite placet of the city on the river A...

Osteria Casavino

Vicolo Morette, 8/A - Verona, 10.9Km da Negrar

Trattoria i Masenini

Via Roma, 34 - Verona, 10.9Km da Negrar
A “trattoria” in the heart of the city of Verona at a brief distance from the Arena inaugurated in August 2006. In few months became a point of reference in the city: good food, fantastic feelings and perfect ambience. Elia Rizzo, being raised in a historical “osteria” of Verona ran by his parents, loved the idea of living a...

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