Ristorante il Tartufo

Via del Porto - Bologna, 30.9Km da Nonantola

Ristorante Giapponese Puro Blanco

via Antonio Gramsci, 45 - Reggio nell'Emilia, 31.1Km da Nonantola

Ristorante indiano "India"

Via nazario Sauro 14/a - Bologna, 31.3Km da Nonantola
In the centre of Bologna, there is an Indian corner in which you can observe, listen and savour the true India . In our restaurant we can organise parties, weddings, lunches or work dinner, graduations, take away or catering. At Restaurant India you can taste the delicious dishes from the Maharaja and come to know the great, a...

Ristorante Taverna dei Lords

Via Nazario Sauro, 12/B - Bologna, 31.3Km da Nonantola

Ristorante "Borghese - ristorante d'Autore"

Piazza Malpighi 14 - Bologna, 31.3Km da Nonantola
Smart and cozy. Typical Neapolitan cuisine with typical dishes from land and sea. Eggplant parmigiana, Gatteau potatoes, sauteed broccoli, gnocchi alla Sorrento, ravioli sauce nuts, macaroni and slaps the clay, to fish, seafood, spaghetti vongole, scampi. All with Italian wines from Campania and of which the greek tuff, fiano, t...

Ristorante Gallo Matto

P.zza Malpighi 14 - Bologna, 31.3Km da Nonantola

Ristorante Diana

Via Indipendenza, 24 - Bologna, 31.5Km da Nonantola

Trattoria del Rosso

Via Augusto Righi 30 - Bologna, 31.6Km da Nonantola
A typical Trattoria bolognese, simply local food, easy atmosphere. The cheapest Trattoria in town. Everyday and every night special complete menu with Pastra, Main course, side dish Dessert and water for 10 Euros....

Cinque 50 Risto Bar

Via Goito, 9/2 - Bologna, 31.6Km da Nonantola
Since we buyed Cinque 50, our food-policy has always been based on the choice made every day - and in person - at the best suppliers of products of the highest quality and freshness. At Cinque 50 you will not find pre-cooked portions or frozen food, but only products prepared at the time, effort, ours, which is awarded every d...

Ristorante Franco Rossi

Via Goito, 3 - Bologna, 31.6Km da Nonantola

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