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Guida Ristoranti Noto

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Ristorante Pizzeria Baglieri

Viale Lido di Noto - Noto

Ristorante Pizzeria "Al Carretto"

Contrada Laufi-Pizzuta - Noto

Ristorante "La Rasta"

Via Siracusa - Avola, 6.7Km da Noto

Ristorante La Prua

Viale P. S. Mattarella - Avola, 7.1Km da Noto

antica osteria u sulicce'nti

via aprile, 3 - Rosolini, 13.2Km da Noto

Trattoria del Pescatore

via nazionale 21 - Cassibile, 15.5Km da Noto

Ristorante "Al Boccone"

Via Regina Elena, 27 - Marzamemi, 17.6Km da Noto

Ristorante il Podere

Traversa Torre Landolina, 11 - Siracusa, 21.3Km da Noto
Inside the upscale restaurant, characterized by an elegant atmosphere and embellished by sophisticated table settings, which boast precious fabrics and china, you can get a taste of traditional Sicilian cuisine, with Mediterranean and International fusion entrees. The scent and color of the earth and the sea, mixed with ancient ...

Ristorante Pizzeria il Fico d'India

Via Maucini - Portopalo, 24.1Km da Noto
Restaurant pizzeria Fico D' India is up to 800 mt. from the sea and it arranges the veranda summery, with 90 places and 120 places all' inside of the premises. The Fico d' India is the ideal place in order to taste the sapori of the sea and the earth of Sicily. And it is in a position to pleasing the tastes and the whims also o...

Ristorante "Zio Agatino"

via la maddalena 19 - Siracusa, 24.6Km da Noto

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