Ristorante "Bina"

Via Recchia, 44/50 - Locorotondo, 38.9Km da Oria

Agriturismo Masseria La Gravinella

Contrada Gravinola - Statte, 41.3Km da Oria
Inside an old farmhouse, we offer a wonderful local cousine....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Lo Scacciapensieri"

Via Alcide de Gasperi - Monteroni di Lecce, 43.3Km da Oria

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Rifugio dei Ghiottoni"

Via Nazionale dei trulli, 116 - Fasano, 44.2Km da Oria
Il Rifugio dei Ghiottoni by Stefano Guarini is the most distinctive and famous restaurant in the center of Fasano, both for its ancient structure, with vaulted ceilings in typical style Fasano tuff, which for its typical APulia dishes. Near the central hall, was recently inaugurated a new area for smokers. Excellent starters a...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Manhattan Food"

via Sandro Pertini, 10 - Massafra, 44.7Km da Oria

Ristorante "I Gaballo"

Via Pisa, 3 - Massafra, 45.1Km da Oria
Small and large events, lunches and dinners, buffet of all kinds. Our goal is to meet at the top of your requests and to present some real delights for the palate, accompanied by impeccable service. Our professionalism, our creativity, our expertise: the perfect combination of experience and talent. The security of a friendly a...

Ristorante "Falsopepe"

Via II SS. Medici, 45 - Massafra, 45.5Km da Oria

Ristorante "Maestrale" essenza di vento di mare

Via Commenda - Angolo Largo Pelillo - Massafra, 46.0Km da Oria

Ristorante "Terminal"

Via Indipendenza, 4 - Alberobello, 46.4Km da Oria

Ristorante "Casa Nova - Il Ristorante"

Via Monte S. Marco 13 - Alberobello, 46.5Km da Oria
Casa Nova restaurant born in 2003 in the ancient walls of an underground oil mill basement of a 1700 building that is spread over an area of 400 square meters and a floor all chianche old (kind of hard stone floor) the mill 'to' cucchiaredd "(small spoon) that the original name, was one of the largest mills in the area and w...

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