Ristorante "Sacro Monte"

Via Sacro Monte, 5
28016 Orta San Giulio (NO) - Italy

Ristorante "Sacro Monte" - Orta San Giulio
The restaurant is located in the center of the Natural Reserve of San Monte, the hill which overlooks and dominates the enchanting and magical village of Orta S: Giulio, wet from the lake, surrounded by green hills and slopes of Mottarone, behind the city. Without a doubt we can say that Orta is one of the most beautiful villages and characteristic of Italy, with its narrow streets, its stairs, the island of St. Julius, the Monastery of the Benedictine nuns, and of course, the Sacro Monte (dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, whose construction began in 1590), recognized the nine-together prealpine sacred mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy, heritage of UNESCO. Precisely in this context, the restaurant is included: the structure of the Franciscan'600 rooms with a rush and huge windows that overlook the park. Will be for the suggestion of places for the sole and exclusive place, for everything which is surrounded, is the fact that coming into this room you will be kidnapped by a reality .... surreal, you will be caught by a charm and a sense of wellbeing that will accompany you throughout the evening. The interior is simple and rustic but welcoming atmosphere that you will immediately familiar and it feels decidedly at ease. Smiling and friendly the owners who will welcome you, offering the dishes of the chef, made of traditional lake, the flavors of the surrounding valleys, with some touch of originality. Under test is the risotto, the lake whitefish, snails and Bagna Cauda. The restaurant, with its 3 separate rooms is suitable for romantic dinners for couples, for companies, for special occasions to live in a peaceful and relaxing. Going out after dinner, when the shadows will impadronite color of the lake, will appear - go to the balcony just a few steps from the restaurant - a breathtaking panorama that will remain imprinted in the mind, eyes and heart.

 Indicative price * from € 21,00 to € 45,00 (service € 3,50)
 Food Regional food
International food
 Speciality Pasta fresca fatta in casa, Bagna Cauda, Lumache e carni piemontesi, Lumache
 Information 12:30-14:00 19:30-21:00
 Opening from 31/01 to 01/01  
 Closing days tuesday.
Pets allowed Outdoor parking Disabled Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 12/04/2010 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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