Ristorante Villa Crespi

Via Fava, 18
28016 Orta San Giulio (NO) - Italy

Ristorante Villa Crespi - Orta San Giulio
Walking from room to room in the Villa Crespi Restaurant, a luxurious historical house on the shores of Lake Orta in Piedmont, you feel the same almost mystical, charming sensations you had while admiring the Villa from the outside. Our restaurant which has been awarded two Michelin stars is composed of three rooms and the Veranda, four separate areas that are connected to each other by doors in the Arab style, with a play of alternative routes, creating a continuum of intimacy. The long white linen tablecloths give a feeling of cool freshness and purity, with the simple elegance of thin white candles, and exotic flower arrangements. The lake and the lush vegetation of the park surrounding Villa Crespi can be admired from the tables on the Veranda. Several shades of light permeate through the windows, illuminating the interior and creating fairy-tale emotions. They are the lights and the shades of nature that during the changing seasons continually enrich and renew the Veranda. Restaurant Rooms: The Yellow Room is considered the room of color, warmth and joy. The walls convey a feeling of security and happiness. Yellow is the color that more than any other communicates a feeling of movement that symbolizes the most dynamic feature of an area that has been very special since its very beginnings. The presence of a large fireplace reinforces a perceptible feeling of warmth and hospitality as soon as one enters. The Blue Room is the room of calm, quiet and of inner peace. The walls are remisniscent of harmony, peace and purity. We might define this a room of contrasts, where the peace of the color blue is opposed to the feelings of sadness and nostalgia that this color is able to convey. Melancholy and inner peace: contradictory feelings that only a Villa surrounded by a small lake nestled among verdant mountains can give. The series of frescoes on the ceiling are an important feature, evoking Moorish richness and warmth. In this room, also called the Hall of Tea, Signora Pia Crespi, wife of Cristoforo Crespi, used to sip tea, receive and entertain her guests. The Red Room is the only room not to have any of its sides facing the veranda and the lake, but it compensates for this with a series of windows and their romantic "Thousand and One Nights" form. The light penetrates this room in a special way and combined with the red of the walls creates that feeling of strength and warmth conferring security and importance that a position in shadow might otherwise deny.

 Indicative price * from € 85,00 to € 135,00  
 Food Regional food
National food
 Speciality creativa mediterranea
 Information 12:30-14:00 19:30-22:00
 Opening from 06/03 to 06/01  
 Closing days monday,tuesday (lunch).
Pets allowed Air conditioning Outdoor parking Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 07/09/2010 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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