Ristorante Pizzeria "Valtellina18"

via Valtellina 18 - Milano, 10.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese
Valtellina18 is both a journey and an emotion. It is a journey that runs along the night together with the gentle guidance of Natalia who is able to advise you more like a friend than as a manager of the room. You can enjoy the emotions of discovering the flavors and shades of aromas that welcome us in two rooms characterized by ...

Ristorante Indiano Aangan

Viale Monza, 90 - Milano, 10.5Km da Palazzolo Milanese
Authentic Indian Restaurant in Milan with curry & tandoori Specialities....

Ristorante pizzeria Frantoi Celletti

Via Zuccoli, 6 - Milano, 10.5Km da Palazzolo Milanese
An old ligurian olive mill of year 1800 restructured in an old factory. Aperitives happy hours with counters full of many regional specialites to season with Monocultivar oils table with COI tasting cards and internet stationing to surf in the net Menu with extravirgin oil specialities. Oil bar, fresh pasta, oil rice, m...

Ristorante "Raw fish cafè"

via martiri oscuri 19 - Milano, 10.6Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Ristorante "Di Cotte e Di Crude" Asticeria

Via l. Porro Lambertenghi - Milano, 10.6Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Sophia's restaurant

Corso Sempione, 91 - Milano, 10.8Km da Palazzolo Milanese
A staircase – made in damask red marble and glass – leads directly to Sophia’s Restaurant, which is one of the newest haunts in the city of Milan. The restaurant – located in a large loft, renovated preserving the pre-existing industrial architecture style and furnished with designer items – is a refined environment with a s...

Ristorante Pizzeria Steak House "Grani & Braci"

Via Farini angolo Via G. Ferrari - Milano, 10.9Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Ristorante Russo "Russkiy Mir"

via ausonio 23 - Milano, 11.0Km da Palazzolo Milanese
Typical russian restaurant, in center of Milan, next to discos and pubs. Offers traditional dishes, like borsch (russian soup), shashlik (grilled meat or fish), blinis (typical crepes that you can fill in with caviar, salmon, chicken, cheese...), red and black caviar, we have list of vodka and champagne (and italian wines) and r...

Ristorante "ex Mauri"

Via Federico Confalonieri, 5 - Milano, 11.0Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Mezcalito Cafe Mexican Restaurant Bar

Via Copernico, 8 - Milano, 11.0Km da Palazzolo Milanese

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