Ristorante Cinese "Bon-wei"

Via Castelvetro, 16/18 - Milano, 11.0Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Ristorante "Il Santo Bevitore"

via Aleardo Aleardi, 22 - Milano, 11.2Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Ristorante "Cascina Malingamba"

Via per Lainate n°33 - Origgio, 11.3Km da Palazzolo Milanese
To write here The restaurant Farmhouse Malingamba is born around 1800, situated in a green zone in the commune of Origgio. It still has the semblances of an old barn but completely restructured, where we have tried to create a warm and family environment, with a great fireplace to also heat the coldest days and a parish priest g...

Ristorante Libanese Lyr

Corso Sempione, 48 - Milano, 11.3Km da Palazzolo Milanese
Lyr, the contemporary Lebanese restaurant where the fascination of the East meets the sophistication of the West. A place where the palate savors dishes created with the best ingredients and unique combinations, the eyes are enchanted by their surroundings in a triumph of elegance and taste, the mind is enraptured by the s...

Ristorante Altopascio

Via Generale Gustavo Fara, 17 - Milano, 11.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese
Near the central station of Milan, next to the new headquarters of the Lombardy Region and near famous Pirelli skyscraper, located since 1962, the cozy Altopascio restaurant. The restaurant is inspired by ancient Tuscan trattorias which inherits from a classic, warm and comfortable ambience. The restaurant offers its customers a ...

Ristorante Pizzeria Club Privato "Rosa Antico"

Viale Pasubio, 14 - Milano, 11.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese

Ristorante "Da Giulia"

Piazza A. Gramsci, 3 - Milano, 11.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese
At Ristorante da Giulia triumph Mediterranean flavors. The atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant, comfortable and enjoyable. The "dehors" outside the center of the large square into a pedestrian zone is a marvel immersed in the city, with special care and attention to taste, starting with only a candle by illumination up for d...

Ristorante Pomerol

Via Pomè, 3 - Rho, 11.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese
Situated in the center of Rho in one of the characteristic streets in the town, street Pomè (by tied up for a long time to the art) on which leans out with his great showcases. The inside is ample with colors that go from tonality it cremates to the vinaccia, tables in wood ample and comfortable sessions make to feel to really e...

Ristorante Cinese "Ta hua"

Via Generale Gustavo Fara, 15 - Milano, 11.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese
A few steps from the fashionable Corso Como at the foot of one of the most famous symbols of Milan - the Pirelli skyscraper - all lovers of oriental cuisine may find himself in a small restaurant, a charming and intimate, where you can spend unforgettable evenings. Here is the "Ta Hua" - beautiful Oriental Restaurant where you c...

Ristorante toscano "Il Giglio Rosso"

Piazza Luigi di Savoia, 2, 20124 Milano - Milano, 11.4Km da Palazzolo Milanese

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