Ristorante "Il Ghiottone Raffinato"

Via Salvatore Vigo, 3 (angolo Via P.pe di Belmonte) - Palermo

Ristorante "La Dispensa dei Monsù"

Via Principe di Villafranca, 59 - Palermo
Dispensa dei Monsù is a place family run business, wich creates a cosy, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all clients. The owner Bonetta Dell'oglio, personally takes care with great passion and love of the kitchen,of each detail of quality. By choosing to promote our land and local resources, our menus which we renew every d...

Ristorante "Primi Piatti"

Vicolo S. Giuseppe 2/b - Palermo

Ristorante Ferro

Piazza S.Onofrio, 42 - Palermo
The Ferro's Restaurant is located in Piazza S. Onofrio, a few steps from the Teatro Massimo in Palermo's historic center. Refined and elegant, offers its customers a modern kitchen with references to the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, a great number of dishes but not all special and delicious, raw materials, seasonal, high q...

Ristorante "Le Pitit"

via Judica 21/23 - Palermo

Ristorante "Le Delizie di Cagliostro"

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 150 - Palermo

Pepe Verde Ristorantino e ...

Via Giuseppe Patania, 62 - Palermo

Ristorante "Skupidu"

Via Giuseppe Patania, 62 - Palermo
Typical located in the Historical Centre of Palermo, behind the Post Office in Via Roma, near the Teatro Massimo. (Zone Olivella) Air conditioned, elegantly finished with kitchen. The Restaurant Skupidù, born from the collaboration of a couple of friends who embrace the philosophy that the dishes must be "beautiful to look at,...

Ristorante "Gagini" Social Restaurant

Via Cassari, 35 - Palermo
Located just in the heart of Palermo, between the new "Cala" Tourist Harbour and the historical market named "Vucciria", in a place characterized by many contradictions, but very typical and surprising. Gagini Social Restaurant Vucciria is located in the place where the famous Sculptor Antonello Gagini worked and his original w...

Trattoria "Ai Normanni"

Piazza della Vittoria n.25 - Palermo

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