Arcoriccardo Ristorante

Via del Trionfo, 3 - Trieste, 45.8Km da Palmanova
In the middle of the Old Town, at one-minute walk from the famous Piazza Unità d'Italia, near by the Arco of Riccardo one of the most important monument of the turistic and archeological tour of Trieste. Modern envirroment in a historical place give to the restaurant a confortable and informal atmosphere. The menu is based on f...

Trattoria "Da Giovanni"

Via San Lazzaro, 14/B - Trieste, 45.9Km da Palmanova

Ristorante "Osteria al Collio"

via Ruggiero Timeus, 8/b - Trieste, 46.2Km da Palmanova

Ristorante Strabacco

Via Madonnina, 5 - Trieste, 46.4Km da Palmanova

Ristorante "La Bottega di Trimalcione"

Via della Guardia 15 - Trieste, 46.6Km da Palmanova
Only some minutes from teh S.Giusto Cathedral and some steps from the Campo San Giacomo, in the San Giacomo zone, near the corner Via Caprin and Via della Guardia, you'll find the restaurant "La Bottega di Trimalcione", a quite place where gourmand and Food scout can enjoy tasting a very singular kitchen made with only fresh s...

Ristorante Parigi Piccola

Via Giulia, 100 - Trieste, 46.9Km da Palmanova

Ristorante Ainoa

Via Domenico Rossetti, 75 - Trieste, 47.0Km da Palmanova

Ristorante "Da Gianna e Gennaro"

Via del Branzin, 11 - Caorle, 47.7Km da Palmanova

Ristorante "Osteria Grappolo d'Oro"

Piazza IV Novembre,14 - Arba, 48.0Km da Palmanova

Ristorante "Mr Gredy"

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 34 - Arba, 48.2Km da Palmanova

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