Ristorante Osteria Fraschettainn

Vicolo Vincenzo Gioberti 3 - Marino, 8.4Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante "Vini e Sapori"

via Don Nazario Galieti, 22 - Genzano di Roma, 8.5Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante "Osteria Il Buco del Grillo"

Via Italo Belardi, 48 - Genzano di Roma, 8.7Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante Pizzeria "Mare e Monti"

Via del Casale Agostinelli 45, - Morena, 10.5Km da Pavona Stazione
At the Restaurant Pizzeria "Mare e Monti" the specialties are fish and meat. On the menu: an appetizer to the sea, fresh fish, grilled meat, artichokes, marinated or alla romana and the best dishes like risotto with scampi, sliced ??beef, grilled scampi and, for dessert Catalan cream and lemon sorbet. Choose between various f...

Ristorante "Mad Cow"

Via di Torre Morena, 66 - Morena, 10.8Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante "Mad Fish"

Via dei settemetri, 70 - Morena, 10.9Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante "Le Mag"

Via della Stazione di Ciampino, 27/A - Morena, 11.0Km da Pavona Stazione
The Mag is a small temple of pleasure double face, where the palate is satisfied that the eye which also has its fair share. Here the refinement is a must, as evidenced by the seasonal menu whose backbone is the tradition, properly renovated, the wine list aims for excellence with a large number of labels emblazoned the national ...

Ristorante "Casa Brunori"

Via Montiglioni, 42 - Grottaferrata, 11.1Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante Pizzeria Pappa e Ciccia

via Appia Nuova 1280 - Roma, 11.7Km da Pavona Stazione

Ristorante "Villa Icidia"

Via Tuscolana Vecchia, 81 - Frascati, 12.5Km da Pavona Stazione
Villa Icidia is situated 4 km from Frascati, south of Rome, in a pleasant district well known as "Castelli Romani". Villa Icidia is a characteristic example of the natural and artistic beauties in the Castelli Romani. It was an ancient Roman villa brought to life again by Mr. Serafino Bisirri, who saw it one night about twenty ...

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