Ristorante Pizzeria "Mucca Pazza"

via Pasquere, 4 - Colleretto Giacosa, 3.6Km da Pavone Canavese

Ristorante Antica Posta

Via Casale Ravera, 4 - Chiaverano, 8.1Km da Pavone Canavese

Ristorante Albatros

via asilo 40 - Burolo, 8.2Km da Pavone Canavese

Ristorante Darmagi

Via Rivera, 7 - Mercenasco, 9.7Km da Pavone Canavese
Located on the green hills in MERCENASCO, in a beautiful house, with parking and summer garden, the restaurant Darmagi is one of the pearls of the restaurant been, the restaurant is furnished with taste and elegance following a rustic style but refined, enriched with special that make it a family environment and delightful.Our k...


via garibaldi 23 - Quassolo, 10.0Km da Pavone Canavese

Ristorante "Il Ristoro del Castello"

Via del Castello 1 - Masino, 11.4Km da Pavone Canavese

Ristorante Residenza del Lago

Via Roma, 48 - Candia Canavese, 12.3Km da Pavone Canavese
The restaurant "La Residenza del Lago" proposes ancient Canavese cuisine's dishes with lake fish as coregonus and tench and beef, lamb, pork and duck meat all cooked in the local tradition style. Our Professional Sommelier AIS-patented manages our cellar with a selection of quality wine mostly from Piedmont region (about 250 r...

Ristorante "Cascina Tresende"

Strada Statale 228 n. 57 - Piverone, 12.4Km da Pavone Canavese

Ristorante "Lido"

Via Lago, 29 - Candia Canavese, 13.5Km da Pavone Canavese

Trattoria Rampin

Via Trieste, 8 - Caluso, 14.8Km da Pavone Canavese

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