Ristorante La Botte 1962

Contrada Lenzitti, 20 (SS 186 km 10) - Monreale, 7.9Km da Piana degli Albanesi
Set in the countryside, historical site since 1929, La Botte started as a wine retail shop, then became a tavern and in 1962 Cascino family transformed it in a top restaurant. The style is rustic but elegant, with a large, open fireplace, conserved over the years and a sheltered terrace in the garden. This is a well-known d...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Divini Restaurant"

Via Altofonte, 317 - Palermo, 9.4Km da Piana degli Albanesi

Pizzeria "La Bufalaccia"

Corso Calatafimi, 740 - Palermo, 11.8Km da Piana degli Albanesi
Naples's flour, San Marzano DOP's tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella DOP. These are our secrets for a soft and tasty pizza....

Trattoria "Ai Normanni"

Piazza della Vittoria n.25 - Palermo, 14.3Km da Piana degli Albanesi

Ristorante "Le Pitit"

via Judica 21/23 - Palermo, 14.8Km da Piana degli Albanesi

Ristorante "Primi Piatti"

Vicolo S. Giuseppe 2/b - Palermo, 14.8Km da Piana degli Albanesi

Ristorante "Il Ghiottone Raffinato"

Via Salvatore Vigo, 3 (angolo Via P.pe di Belmonte) - Palermo, 14.9Km da Piana degli Albanesi

Ristorante "La Dispensa dei Monsù"

Via Principe di Villafranca, 59 - Palermo, 14.9Km da Piana degli Albanesi
Dispensa dei Monsù is a place family run business, wich creates a cosy, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all clients. The owner Bonetta Dell'oglio, personally takes care with great passion and love of the kitchen,of each detail of quality. By choosing to promote our land and local resources, our menus which we renew every d...

Ristorante Ferro

Piazza S.Onofrio, 42 - Palermo, 15.0Km da Piana degli Albanesi
The Ferro's Restaurant is located in Piazza S. Onofrio, a few steps from the Teatro Massimo in Palermo's historic center. Refined and elegant, offers its customers a modern kitchen with references to the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, a great number of dishes but not all special and delicious, raw materials, seasonal, high q...

Ristorante Gadir

Via dello Spasimo, 44 - Palermo, 15.2Km da Piana degli Albanesi

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