Ristorante Grottino à mmare dal 1912

Via dell'Emporio, 15/16 - Pozzuoli

Trattoria di mare Pizzeria Mobydick

via dell'emporio,17 porto turistico - Pozzuoli
The beautiful restaurant near the sea...

Ristorante Pizzeria Il Rudere

Via Gianbattista Pergolesi, 80 - Pozzuoli

Ristorante "Il Capitello"

Via Serapide 31 - Pozzuoli
Not to boast us but ours is one of the kitchens more appreciated of Pozzuoli!..Our place witnesses situated the extraordinary Temple of Serapide...besides the good kitchen therefore, enjoys him of a fantastic panorama!...

Ristorante brasiliano "Saudade" Churrascaria & Lounge Bar

Via Napoli, 35 - Pozzuoli

Ristorante Pizzeria "L'Abbraccio"

Via antiniana 48/b Pozzuoli (NA) - Pozzuoli

Ristorante Tennis

Via Pisciarelli, 82 - Pozzuoli
On the same floor you'll find 2 restaurants and bar, always open. The dining rooms, of various size and decor, are ideal for large or small receptions, meetings or conferences. The largest room can accomodate up to 200 guests....

Ristorante Steak House Aubergine

Via Domitiana, 42/44 - Pozzuoli

Ristorante "Canaglia's" Lounge bar

Via Lago d'Averno, 1 - Lucrino, 3.8Km da Pozzuoli

Ristorante Club "Un passo dal mare"

via Lucullo, 112 - Bacoli, 4.2Km da Pozzuoli

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