Ristorante Steak-House "Re Ferdinando"

Via Liberta, 5 bis - Procida
The Steak House Restaurant "Re Ferdinando" is an exclusive meeting place a few meters from the port of Marina Grande. King Ferdinand is both restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the bay of Marina Grande, and Steak House, a meeting point for young people. the Restaurant In an oasis of peace, in the countryside, the b...

Ristorante Pizzeria "L'Approdo"

Via Roma 76 - Procida

Pizzeria Il Galeone

Via Marina Chiaiolella - Procida

Ristorante "Il cenacolo"

via panoramica, 28 - Monte di Procida, 4.3Km da Procida
Restaurant "Il Cenacolo" is ideal for small ceremonies (baptisms christenings birthdays), or very intimate dinners. The restaurant is divided into three rooms very cozy and tastefully decorated. The kitchen rules with his dishes of fresh fish that you will see at the table before to be cooked, Aragostella with mashed potatoes w...

Ristorante Sorriso

Via Miliscola Lido 31 - Bacoli, 4.8Km da Procida
Restaurant Sorriso, is in a simple and elegant location, where you can taste the delicate flavors flegrei related products of the land and surrounding sea, and the fruits of the islands and the hinterland. The great room is ideal for ceremonies and meetings that can accommodate up to two hundred guests. Reserve a room p...

Ristorante "Lido Enea"

Via Lido Miliscola, 45 - Bacoli, 5.0Km da Procida

Ristorante Pizzeria Lovely Garden

Via Lido Miliscola 36 - Bacoli, 5.2Km da Procida
A few step from the sea, classic and welcoming atmosphere. Excellence: seafood dishes with homemade pasta. Pizza cooked in a wood owen. Ideal place for a party, a business lunch or a candlelight romantic dinner. Air conditioned, open air dining room and private parking....

Ristorante "Ramo D'Oro"

Via Risorgimento, 108 - Bacoli, 6.1Km da Procida
Choosing The Branch D'Oro means choosing a unique and romantic location, where ancient and modern tastes blend together, creating an enchanting combination. The position they enjoy this wonderful local romantic is unique, in a quarry overlooking the grotto excavated by hand makes mistress, being at the same time in the heart of ...

Ristorante da Ciccio

Via Luigi Mazzella, 32 - Ischia Ponte, 6.3Km da Procida

Ristorante Alberto

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 8 - Ischia, 6.3Km da Procida
Our "Must" is cradled between the customer the pleasure of taste, sight and our innate hospitality. With pride and confirmation of who has followed in the 62 years I define our restaurant kitchen as a perfect marriage of "many small valuable items". And our priority is to create dishes based on what the sea offers us every day, w...

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