Trattoria Pizzeria I Due Sassi

via Ospedale Vecchio, 1 - Matera, 47.7Km da Putignano

Ristorante Baccanti

Via Sant'Angelo, 58-61 - Matera, 47.7Km da Putignano
A magic atmosphere where the heart and the mind are engaged by a natural, careful and inspirational style. The scent and taste are devoted to the harmonious dance of senses. An exquisite and intimate place designed with passion where every detail matters....

Ristorante "Le dodici lune"

Via San Giacomo, 27 - Matera, 47.7Km da Putignano
Every single detail of this elegant and exclusive restaurant is particularly cared. Housed in a cave dug by hand by our ancestors with the barrel vault and behind a cellar of 40 square meters used by managers for presentations and tastings of local and national wines. The refined atmosphere, friendly service and the outdoor c...

Ristorante "Don Matteo"

Piazza Duomo, 14 - Matera, 47.8Km da Putignano

Ristorante "Le Botteghe" Arrosto Vino e Cucina

Piazza San Pietro Barisano, 22 - Matera, 47.8Km da Putignano

Ristorante Pizzeria "Stano"

Via Santa Cesarea - Matera, 47.8Km da Putignano

Ristorante San Pietro Barisano

Rione San Biagio, 55 - Matera, 47.9Km da Putignano
Tastes and aromas will embrace you in a unique environment: a cave-hall. An image speaks more than a thousand words, but even images cannot fully portray what you would experience by entering in the hall of our restaurant. A cave divided in many connected areas furnished with style in a game of colours and suffused lights that w...

Ristorante "Hostaria Antica Posada"

Via Giosuè Pinto, 48/50 - Ostuni, 47.9Km da Putignano

Ristorante pizzeria "La Talpa"

Via Fiorentini, 167 - Matera, 48.0Km da Putignano

Trattoria del Caveoso

Via Bruno Buozzi, 21 - Matera, 48.0Km da Putignano
Located in the heart of the Sassi, the Trattoria del Caveoso is carved from the very rocks themselves. Its cosy yet elegant surroundings are perfect for enjoying traditional local ‘Lucana’ (Basilicata) dishes accompanied by the finest wines available, including the renowned local red Aglianico as well as a selection of wines f...

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