Osteria il Quinto Quarto

Via della Farnesina, 13/D
00194 Roma (RM) - Italy

Osteria il Quinto Quarto - Roma
In the last few years, thanks to a steady and attentive promotion by associations, institutions and producers, regional cuisine has drawn the interest of restaurants as well as the favour of their clientele, whose discerning choice of local and seasonal products show a preference for natural healthy flavours. This interest is at the heart of our philosophy which suggests the rediscovery and enhancement of Latium’s history of culinary customs and agronomic resources. Our daily routine, therefore, revolves around tradition and seeking out those typical products that, over the centuries, have characterized the truly popular essence of Latium’s cuisine with its humble but delicious and natural ingredients. Among the certified products, we can list buffalo meat from the Amaseno valley, lentils from Ventotene, the potatoes from the north of Viterbo, Roman artichokes, fresh "marzolina" cheese produced in the province of Frosinone. bread from Genzano and Lariano, olives from Gaeta , Sabina oil of olive, the hazelnuts from M.Cimini. And don't forget wine, boasting a long tradition not adequately recognized, which has recently reached high quality levels and appreciation abroad. "The Quinto Quarto" intends to reintroduce the abundant agronomic resources of our region, with no pretence of originality, however, with the assurance of reflecting the need for good taste and the re-establishment of a culture of healthy nutrition. The limited number of place-settings, the daily catering and the careful food preparation aiming to enhance the precious qualities of each ingredient are an assurance of authenticity as well as respect for the environment’s natural produce and the good health of our clientele. Our project is not only limited to daily dining but will include other varied activities, such as: wine and food tasting, presentation of local produce, publications, courses in cooking. All these activities will be available to those of you, who are enthusiastic promoters of quality agronomic produce and who wish to recapture our region’s historic memory in culinary customs and style.

 Indicative price * from € 23,00 to € 35,00  
 Food Regional food
 Information 20:00-01:00
 Opening from 01/09 to 10/08  
 Closing days .
Air conditioning Smoking rooms Disabled Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 16/06/2010 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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