Ristorante "Maud"

Via Capo d'Africa, 6
00186 Roma (RM) - Italy

Ristorante "Maud" - Roma
The restaurant Maud, in Rome and in front of the Colosseum, is a restaurant, aperitif, art gallery and american bar. Philosophically perfect for those who want to spend out-of-time moments while being completely immersed in unimaginable colors, flavors and atmospheres, while in the meantime tasting both classical and more "daring" recipes. All of which under the sign of Salt. Which is not just one, and absolutely not white!. Tasting, looking, feeling. All our senses are called to participate, from the aperitif to the dessert. If, in the restaurant Maud, the black and white take a major part in the interior design (white walls, white couches, white tables and chairs, very dark floors), all the other colors are present as well. For example in the Salt. Hawaiian, Himalayan, Viking, French, Australian... There is no other such discrete and invisible seasoning. The salt comes out from its invisibility and becomes the main character in the Salts from the World Restaurant Maud, in Rome. Black, red, flaky, grey, pink, yellow. Fantasy and taste, ideas and sensations to disintegrate in millions of grains. The salt can be "male" (Sea) or "female" (Mineral). It can contain iron and other important ingredients. Aggressive or almost sweet, invisible or exhibitionist; to try, taste and sip during the aperitif, with the chef's culinary preparations, going through to the dinner with a menù full of researched and innovative Italian recipes revisited with Oriental influences, all the way to the after-dinner cocktail, with always the same ingredient, Salt. Restaurant Maud - Restaurant, art gallery, american bar. Taste, emotions and feelings.

 Indicative price * from € 35,00 to € 50,00 (service € 2,00)
 Food Regional food
National food
International food
 Speciality Sali Minerali e Marini dal Mondo
 Information 18:30-02:00
 Opening from 01/01 to 31/12  
 Closing days monday (lunch),tuesday (lunch),wednesday (lunch),thursday (lunch),friday (lunch),saturday (lunch).
Air conditioning Disabled
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 13/04/2010 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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