Ristorante Vecchia Piacenza

Via San Bernardo, 1 - Piacenza, 10.8Km da Rottofreno
Manager:family Salvoni Here the guest will feel themselves at home;the rooms are confortable and all fresco-painted by Mrs.Salvoni. The restaurant is situed inside a palace dating back from '700 offers Local and classic italian dishes in special preparation. Possibilily to visit the vine-celler which dates back from '400 and o...

Ristorante Avila

Località Cà Fontana 29100Gazzola Pc - Gazzola, 10.9Km da Rottofreno

Ristorante "Peppino"

Via Scalabrini, 49 a - Piacenza, 11.8Km da Rottofreno

Ristorante "La Rocchetta"

Località Castello di Rivalta - Gazzola, 12.4Km da Rottofreno

Ristorante "Palazzo dei Camini"

Via del Mercato, 10 (angolo via Esperanto) - Agazzano, 12.7Km da Rottofreno

Ristorante Mangia, Beva e...Tas !

Viale dei Mille 19 - Ziano Piacentino, 13.4Km da Rottofreno

Agriturismo "La Dogana del Castello di Luzzano"

Località Luzzano, 7 - Rovescala, 14.9Km da Rottofreno

Agriturismo Sant'Antonio

Località Sant'Antonio, 143 - Stradella, 16.2Km da Rottofreno
Our restaurant has been drawn from a stall of the XVIII century. It is constituted by two rooms where up to 70 people can find place. During the warm seasons, on request, it is possible to have lunch or dinner in the courtyards. The menu is always tied to the course of the seasons, so that we can propose to our guests what b...

Ristorante "Osteria Le Rondini"

Via Chiesa - Grazzano Visconti, 16.8Km da Rottofreno

Ristorante Pizzeria "Lo Scudiero"

via Luchino Visconti, 1 - Grazzano Visconti, 17.0Km da Rottofreno

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