Ristorante Akragas

Viale Emporium, 16/18 - Agrigento, 2.3Km da San Leone Mosé
The Akragas restaurant is in a favorable position in all its aspect. Because it's to 1 km. near the valley of the temples, Museum of Archelogy and town ellenistico-Romano that is in a splendid enriched valley of the almond tree in flower. The celebration of the almond tree flower celebrate the beginning of the spring with dances ...

Ristorante Leon d'Oro

Viale Emporium, 102 - Agrigento, 2.6Km da San Leone Mosé

Trattoria dei Templi

Via Panoramica Valle dei Templi, 15 - Agrigento, 2.8Km da San Leone Mosé

Ristorante "Al Porticciolo"

Via Lungomare Falcone e Borsellino - San Leone

Trattoria Il Pescatore

Viale lungomare Falcone Borsellino, 20 - Agrigento, 3.1Km da San Leone Mosé
The restaurant Il Pescatore was born in 1969 in the coastal village of San Leone, the ancient emporium Akragas Grece, now a tourist destination and seaside resort of Agrigento and international tourism. The restaurant is near an ancient structure dating to the early twentieth century. At one time the rooms were stables for h...

Ristorante Pizzeria Marco Polo

via lungomare Falcone Borsellino, 2 - San Leone

Magò Trattoria Moderna

Via Esseneto, 95 - Agrigento, 3.6Km da San Leone Mosé

Ristorante Akropolis

via Petrarca, 30 - Agrigento, 3.7Km da San Leone Mosé

Ristorante Giapponese "Fusion"

Viale della Vittoria, 31 - Agrigento, 4.0Km da San Leone Mosé

Ristorante Terra

Via Francesco Crispi, 34 - Agrigento, 4.1Km da San Leone Mosé

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