Ristorante "Osteria del Gesso"

Via Ferdinando Maestri,11 - Parma, 20.7Km da San Polo d'Enza

Ristorante "Osteria del 36"

Via A. Saffi, 26/a - Parma, 20.8Km da San Polo d'Enza
The restaurant Osteria del 36 is the oldest inn of Parma, located in the former laundry of the convent of San Giovanni Evangelista, Parma offers a cuisine revisited by Ziveri chef Francesco Ferrarini and Paris. The kitchen is fully expressed, all the products directly vegono cooked in our kitchen without the use of frozen or d...

Trattoria Corrieri

Via del Conservatorio, 1 - Parma, 20.9Km da San Polo d'Enza

Ristorante "La forchetta"

Borgo San Biagio, 6/D - Parma, 21.0Km da San Polo d'Enza

Trattoria "Il Cortile"

Borgo Paglia, 3 - Parma, 21.0Km da San Polo d'Enza
Mauro the Chef draws upon flavours with a profound knowledge and skill to bring to the table a delicate balance between tradition and innovative creativity. The Chef has chosen a difficult task, he loathes pre-prepared food and cooks every dish as and when requested by the customer, trusting to the tradition of freshness of each ...

Kubosteria Osteria Vineria

via Vittorio Veneto, 7 - Castelnovo Ne' Monti, 21.3Km da San Polo d'Enza

Osteria l'oca nera

via Giambattista Borghesi 3/a - Parma, 21.4Km da San Polo d'Enza

Ristorante San Barnaba

Via Trento, 11 - Parma, 21.6Km da San Polo d'Enza

Ristorante "Il Capolinea"

Viale Enzo Bagnoli, 42 - Castelnovo Ne' Monti, 21.7Km da San Polo d'Enza

Ristorante "Il Folletto"

Via Emilia Ovest 17/a - Parma, 22.4Km da San Polo d'Enza

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