Ristorante Parco Gambrinus

Via Capitello, 18
31020 San Polo di Piave (TV) - Italy

Ristorante Parco Gambrinus - San Polo di Piave
Restaurant Parco Gambrinus, which dates back to 1847, is immersed in the Treviso countryside, close to the River Piave, held sacred by Italians, in the territory of the ancient feud which was property of the Patriarch of Aquileia, along the road connecting it to the Roman town of Opitergium (now Oderzo). The restaurant is still surronded by an enormus park which protects the freshness of the limpid waters from the source of the river Lia, which surface in this spot after flowing underground in the nearby Prealpi. In the quiet gurgle of the springwater shimmering trout and bashful crayfish (a speciality of the house) live and breed. In the park the leafy branches of the rare plants, the multicoloured flowers and sparkling green of the grass are home to protected exotic birds and many types of animal. The restaurant building blends beautifully with this enviroment, preserving the spirit of its original Venetian architecture, even in the new extensions. A stroll throught the park is an experience which all visitors seek for the joy and tranquillity it brings. If Nature has been bountiful, Man has also made his contribution. Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Adriano Zanotto, well-known gastronome and expert on wines, is the chef and owner of Parco Gambrinus (winner of many international awards). He has applied intelligence and art to offering his welcome guests, the best that nature and dedication can give to kindle his creativity and when the beautifully presented dishes leave his kitchen to be reserved at table, they are accompanied by the cordial smile of Rosa, his wife and exquisite hostess. This enviroment, together with a friendly atmosphere and innate courtesy make Parco Gambrinus seem like a cosy home where guests are always made welcome. Whoever calls there once usually returns, responding to happy memories of friendship, pleasant conversation and moment of affection. History, Nature and tradition have influenced, the cuisine of Parco Gambrinus, which is both simple and refined, and made culture an ever-present element.

 Indicative price * from € 11,50 to € 70,00  
 Food Regional food
 Speciality Cucina prevalentemente di pesce, tra tradizione ed innovazione
 Information 12:00-15:00 20:00-22:30
 Opening from 06/01 to 26/12  
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Pets allowed Air conditioning Smoking rooms Outdoor parking Disabled Garden
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