Ristorante "Cavolo Nero Bistrot"

Via Guelfa, 100 - Firenze, 14.0Km da San Vincenzo a Torri

Ristorante Caffè Pitti

Piazza Pitti, 9 - Firenze, 14.2Km da San Vincenzo a Torri

Ristorante "Il Santo Bevitore"

Via di Santo Spirito 64/66 /R - Firenze, 14.3Km da San Vincenzo a Torri

Ristorante "Il Cantinone del Gallo Nero"

Via Santo Spirito 6/R - Firenze, 14.3Km da San Vincenzo a Torri
This is an atmospheric,old cellar with red brick vaulted ceilings,and at long wooden refectory.Style tables you can savour mixed crostini,wild boar and hare,Florentine style triple,fresh home-made pasta,Florentine steak with truffle,vegetable or tomato and bread soup,oven cooked beans with sausage....

Trattoria La Carabaccia

Via Palazzuolo, 190/R (inizio Via il Prato) - Firenze, 14.4Km da San Vincenzo a Torri
Decorating the original features of the Florentine Medieval rooms, new life is breathed into the ancient, 17th century brick arches, the wooden ceilings with authentic chestnut beams, and the wrought iron railings at the rooms' entrances and exits. The space is typified by light thanks to the terracotta artisan creations that ...

Ristorante Borgo San Jacopo

Borgo San Jacopo 62R - Firenze, 14.5Km da San Vincenzo a Torri

Ristorante Enoteca Rossini

Lungarno Corsini, 4 - Firenze, 14.5Km da San Vincenzo a Torri
Located only a short distance from Ponte Vecchio bridge, downtown Florence, is a luxury restaurant that overlooks the courtyard just behind the main door. Strong, elegant, and inviting, it has no senseless pomp. And it’s classic in the attention paid to detail, with a moderate use of wood and lighting. This moderation is r...

Ristorante "La Decima Musa"

via del Parione, 50r - Firenze, 14.5Km da San Vincenzo a Torri
The Decima Musa Restaurant is situated in the very centre of Florence and is renowned for its refined ambience. It is just a short walk away from the magnificent Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the famous Via Tornabuoni and you can always expect a warm welcome at The Decima Musa. The restaurant is decked out in wood panelling w...

Ristorante "Buca Mario"

Piazza Degli Ottaviani 16 rosso - Firenze, 14.6Km da San Vincenzo a Torri
The traditional Florentine and Tuscan cuisine in a beautiful and typical restaurant in Florence The Buca Mario Restaurant was founded 1886. This is when its first owner and founder Mario Corsini decided to house a place in the Palazzo Niccolini's cellars where soup and ribollita could be served, along with a wine cavern. Mario's...

Ristorante Toto'

Borgo Santi Apostoli, 6/R - Firenze, 14.7Km da San Vincenzo a Torri

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