Ristorante Mix

Lungo mare Matteotti, 19 - Cittadella del Capo, 2.6Km da Sangineto

Ristorante "Convito"

Loc. Pietrabianca, 11 - Sangineto Lido, 5.0Km da Sangineto

Ristorante Pizzeria "San Nicola"

Contrada San Nicola - San Sosti, 9.9Km da Sangineto
San Nicola Pizzeria Restaurant tastes than once passed on to the most ancient traditions Calabresi. The San Nicola Pizzeria Restaurant is located in a beautiful hilly area of San Sosti in the province of Cosenza. There where the air we breathe is good appetite requires wholesome meals and remember the flavors of yesteryear. To s...

Ristorante "Asso di Picche" - Griglieria

contrada Trellanze, 25 - Malvito, 13.2Km da Sangineto

Ristorante Pizzeria Tropical

Contrada Lago sotto strada, 6 - Fuscaldo, 19.2Km da Sangineto

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Borgo Antico"

Via Vittorio Emanuele III , 76 - Scalea, 25.7Km da Sangineto
The characteristic Place has its natural center in a magic fable place: Scalea Antica, the typical Medieval Suburb, surrounded by the spellbound panorama that winds him/it in a soft embrace whereas the time almost seems to have stopped to that epoch, that some unreal so much also appears and' soaked with the consequential charm ...

Ristorante Tari

Piazza Maggiore de Palma 9 - Scalea, 25.7Km da Sangineto
Traditional Restaurant specialized in fresh fish located at the storic centre of Scalea....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Antica Osteria"

Via Napoleone 11 - Scalea, 25.8Km da Sangineto

Ristorante "La Casetta Bianca"

Via Don Domenico Petroni - Praia a Mare, 31.5Km da Sangineto

Ristorante "Antico Borgo"

via Domenico Cappelli, 53 - Morano Calabro, 32.3Km da Sangineto

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