Trattoria "Ponte Vecchio"

Lungarno Archibusieri, 8r - Firenze, 29.0Km da Santomato

Dei Frescobaldi Ristorante & Wine Bar

Via Dei Magazzini, 2/4R - Firenze, 29.0Km da Santomato

Ristorante "Il Cantastorie"

Via della Condotta 7/9 R - Firenze, 29.0Km da Santomato
Typical dishes of Florentine, Tuscan wines from the best wineries in the heart of old Florence....

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Vecchia Osteria Toscana"

Via Francesca Romea, 88 - Altopascio, 29.0Km da Santomato

Ristorante Acqua al 2

Via della Vigna Vecchia 40/R (angolo Via dell'Acqua) - Firenze, 29.1Km da Santomato

Ristorante Argentino 7 Secoli

via Ghibellina , 140/r - Firenze, 29.1Km da Santomato
The Restaurant Argentino 7 Ages is located in the heart of Florence and is cured, the better to spend pleasant evenings in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy pure tango savory dishes. Our specialty is the Aberdeen Angus beef from the Argentine boundless prairies; beers by taste, fine wines and traditional Argentine dessert 'dulce de l...

Ristorante "Cantina Barbagianni"

Via Sant'Egidio, 13/R - Firenze, 29.1Km da Santomato
One of the most characteristic places in Florence, well known for its creative cuisine but also for its traditional Tuscan dishes. You can enjoy a delicious meal in the beautiful entrance room or in one of the two ancient cellars that offer an unforgettable atmosphere of Florence of the past. The restaurants separate areas of t...

Ristorante "La Giostra"

Borgo Pinti, 10/R - Firenze, 29.1Km da Santomato
15 years ago, the Hapsburg Lorena princes decided to open a restaurant in Florence: La Giostra. The news of a noble family handling with dishes and napkins caused a sensation, but not for everyone. The family friends who were accustomed to gathering around the table of the prince at the castle of Barberino Val d'Elsa in C...

Trattoria Pallottino

via Isola delle Stinche, 1R - Firenze, 29.2Km da Santomato
Tuscan rustic, with wooden tables and benches, shelves and cabinets to the ancient walls, as the cobblestone floor, open kitchen and outdoor gazebo...

Ristorante La Maremma

Via Giuseppe Verdi 16/R - Firenze, 29.2Km da Santomato

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