Ristorante pizzeria "la bettola"

Via Porrettana, 423 - Sasso Marconi

Ristorante "Locanda del Castello"

Via Palazzo Rossi, 16 - Sasso Marconi
Locanda del Castello is located inside the court of Palazzo de' Rossi, beutiful Renaissance palace on the outskirts of Bologna on the mild hills of Sasso Marconi, a mile away from the Villa where the scientist Guglielmo Marconi lived and made its first experiments. The restaurant was restructured ten years ago and maintained i...

Agriturismo "Fienile Fluo' "

via di Paderno, 9 - Paderno, 7.3Km da Sasso Marconi

Ristorante "Io & Loretta"

Via Lavino 4/A - Calderino, 8.2Km da Sasso Marconi

Ristorante Titì

Via Gesso, 133/A - Zola Predosa, 8.9Km da Sasso Marconi
A tavern managed by great grandfather Titì... the pressed wine...pressed with feet, where the tagliatelle were hand rolled with an old nut wood rolling pin... once upon a time a long time ago in 1890... the pigs were slaughtered every week to make the richest tasting salami of all the old bologna. this was the place for the s...

Agriturismo Borgo delle Vigne

Via Raibolini, 55 - Zola Predosa, 10.0Km da Sasso Marconi
Grown during the years around the ancient small group of houses behind the ancient castle of Zola, the agritourism 'Borgo delle Vigne' is placed on the farm 'Bagazzana': formerly in possession of the Nonantola Abbey monks who, circa 1000 A.D., used to get the best wine for their tables there. In 1250 the free commune of Bologna d...

Trattoria del Volo a Vela - L'Accademia der Cacio & Pepe

Viale della Pace, 7 - Zola Predosa, 10.0Km da Sasso Marconi

Agriturismo QuerciaBuca

Via di Tagliacane, 3 - Pianoro, 10.2Km da Sasso Marconi

Ristorante "L'Anice Stellato"

Via Roma, 2 - Zola Predosa, 10.3Km da Sasso Marconi

Trattoria Boni

Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 22/CD - Bologna, 10.6Km da Sasso Marconi
Boni since 1961 ... The tradition continues. Into new premises with private room and veranda supported by summer air conditioning, the simplicity of classic tagliatelle with meat sauce or tortellini in broth, make an institution Petronian Boni. In the kitchen young Guido and Emanuela apart from the above dishes you can prepare c...

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