Ristorante "La Pergola"

Via Freda, 4o - Gesualdo, 23.4Km da Serino

Ristorante Cooking Philly's

Via dei Ciliegi 6 - Nocera Inferiore, 23.8Km da Serino
The impression that you have entered from Philly's Cooking is to stay at home with friends. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming thanks to the fireplace and always on. The tranquility is assured. The kitchen then treated in detail by the cook Filly D'Uva brings customers back in time, the flavors of childhood. In addition to the ...

Riatorante Pizzeria "Angolo dei sapori"

Corso Umberto, 52 - Vietri sul Mare, 23.8Km da Serino

Ristorante 34 da Lucia

Via Scialli,48 - Vietri sul Mare, 24.0Km da Serino
Lucia Borriello, Andrew Scerminio and his family run this true fish tavern, which has since its a simple as it is cozy and great food with great solidity ', which relies on raw materials of impeccable freshness. A possible menu ': anchovies stuffed with provola, cuttlefish and broccoli, fish balls, marinated anchovies, seafood p...

Trattoria "52"

Via Nicola Bruni Grimaldi, 115 - Nocera Inferiore, 24.0Km da Serino
The environments of the "TRATTORIA 52" are very comfortable and every detail contributes to enhance the natural beauty. Ideal place to spend their best moments: the evening with friends until the most important events. Contributes to complete the wonderful hospitality offered by the "TRATTORIA 52", the professionalism of the s...

Ristorante Pascalo' Mariturismo

via Cristoforo Colombo, 68 - Marina di Vietri, 24.3Km da Serino

Ristorante Pizzeria "Gustamare"

Via G. Pellegrino, 142 - Marina di Vietri, 24.5Km da Serino

Ristorante New Kursaal

Via Generale Salvatore Allende 6 - Salerno, 24.7Km da Serino
The restaurant is located in the Eastern part of Salerno near the Chamber of Commerce. With two rooms, one inside, with a capacity of 90 seats with air conditioning and risrvata non-smoking, the other stands on the terrace, is just a few meters from the sea, from which you can see the Cilento Coast and Positano to Capri, for s...

Hosteria wine bar "Le Gourmet"

Via Ferrovia, 28 - Sperone, 25.3Km da Serino

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Duchessa"

Via Mulino Vecchio, 2 - San Martino Valle Caudina, 25.8Km da Serino

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