Ristorante Giapponese SpazioSushi

Via Anfiteatro, 9 - Milano, 8.1Km da Sesto San Giovanni
Charm and elegance. a space to create a warm atmosphere and an accomplice in an environment where you only taste the oriental cuisine, as in a living room ...

Ristorante La Veranda

Via Gesù, 6/8 - Milano, 8.1Km da Sesto San Giovanni
Restaurant "La Veranda" seats 68 guests in an elegant and tranquil atmosphere. The restaurant faces the beautiful cloistered courtyard and is a very popular venue among fashionable locals. Celebrity Executive Chef Sergio Mei and his brigade of 28 white hats serve innovative Mediterranean cuisine with an accent on seasonal fresh i...

Ristorante Nabucco

Via Fiori Chiari, 10 - Milano, 8.2Km da Sesto San Giovanni
In the heart of the Brera quarters a jewel with a long standing tradition: Nabucco offers a perfect atmosphere for important occasions. The delicate tones of the halls, the international staff, Italian traditional cuisine and an excellent wine selection have made it a reference point of the Milanese restaurant scene, both for l...

Ristorante Cinese "Bon-wei"

Via Castelvetro, 16/18 - Milano, 8.2Km da Sesto San Giovanni

Ristorante "Da Giulia"

Piazza A. Gramsci, 3 - Milano, 8.2Km da Sesto San Giovanni
At Ristorante da Giulia triumph Mediterranean flavors. The atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant, comfortable and enjoyable. The "dehors" outside the center of the large square into a pedestrian zone is a marvel immersed in the city, with special care and attention to taste, starting with only a candle by illumination up for d...

Trattoria Bar 1902

Via Coti Zelati, 82 - Paderno Dugnano, 8.2Km da Sesto San Giovanni
One of the rare buildings in pure Liberty style remaining in the area hosts Trattoria Bar 1902, which faces a large internal court. Renovation works have highlighted its ancient girders and beautiful wrought-iron doors and windows.This innovative, convivial situation, strongly wished by Gigi Rigamonti, is situated a few minutes ...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Garibaldi 24"

Via Garibaldi, 24 - Lissone, 8.2Km da Sesto San Giovanni
One of restaurants in Italy that charges only what you eat, without the addition of service / covered, it's a great way to combat the crisis and make accessible to anyone an evening at the restaurant .. All this without going to affect the level of the restaurant .. thereby maintaining a high quality, fresh fish, meat cooked at t...


Via Manzoni 16 - Milano, 8.2Km da Sesto San Giovanni

Trattoria Torre di Pisa

Via Fiori Chiari, 21 - Milano, 8.3Km da Sesto San Giovanni
Everything is intact as it was in the ‘60s at La Torre di Pisa: the five windows overlooking Via Fiori Chiari as well as the wooden chairs and the homely spirit of the true restaurant, which is now hard to find. As once, the long table at the entrance welcomes the customers with a centrepiece of simple and genuine things, t...

Ristorante Russo "Russkiy Mir"

via ausonio 23 - Milano, 8.3Km da Sesto San Giovanni
Typical russian restaurant, in center of Milan, next to discos and pubs. Offers traditional dishes, like borsch (russian soup), shashlik (grilled meat or fish), blinis (typical crepes that you can fill in with caviar, salmon, chicken, cheese...), red and black caviar, we have list of vodka and champagne (and italian wines) and r...

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