Ristorante "Os Club"

Via delle Terme di Traiano 4A - Roma, 12.0Km da Settecamini
"Os Club is a reality where the characteristics typical of many places come together to create a space where everyone can feel at home, because we each have special places in my heart that, even from miles and miles away from home, feels as its own." OS Club is located in the historic center, in green Oppian a few steps from the ...

Ristorante "1950" Opengate

Via San Nicola da Tolentino, 4 - Roma, 12.0Km da Settecamini

Ristorante "Quellocheccè" - Enosteria

Via Latina, 134/136 - Roma, 12.1Km da Settecamini

Ristorante pizzeria "Taverna Latina"

Via Ferdinando Ughelli, 11 - Roma, 12.1Km da Settecamini

Ristorante pizzeria Chinappi dal 2006

Via di San Basilio, 70 - Roma, 12.2Km da Settecamini
Chinappi was born in Rome in 2006, by a Stefano’s initiative, supported by profesional young people training in his school. The philosophy in the kitchen is the same: prime materials arrive daily from south of Lazio, 5th taste essence of the sunny Country and of the most incontaminated and deep Region sea. It likes to i...

Ristorante Crostaceria "Sa Tanca"

Via Palermo, 57 - Roma, 12.2Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Piccolo Mondo

Via Aurora, 39 - Roma, 12.2Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Wine Bar Elephant Blanc

Via Aurora, 19/27 - Roma, 12.2Km da Settecamini
A local highly refined and pleasant to spend an evening in the pleasures of the table national and local levels, in an atmosphere where you can enjoy good wines and a highly qualified and friendly, a stone's throw from Via Vittorio Veneto....

Ristorante "La Rocca del Gusto"

via della Rocca, 36 - Monterotondo, 12.3Km da Settecamini
La Rocca del Gusto is a small, relaxed and informal restaurant that is located in the beautiful Monterotondo's historical center. It offers a traditional and creative cuisine based on the excellent quality of products used. The menu changes every two months and consists of several local and organic foods and wines....

MaterMatuta "wine art restaurant"

Via Milano, 47 - Roma, 12.3Km da Settecamini

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