Enoteca Cantina Paradiso

Via di San Francesco a Ripa 73 - Roma, 14.3Km da Settecamini
It is increasingly difficult to find a skillfully-made cocktail. If you are looking for high quality ingredients, fresh fruit, correct dosage and a general compliance with the original recipes, Cantina Paradiso is the suitable place for you. This lounge with its vintage atmosphere and refined style is elegant, comfortable and w...

Ristorante "Monzù Vladi"

Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva, 2 - Roma, 14.3Km da Settecamini
The Heart of Naples, in Rome in the heart of Trastevere eating is the host culture and has the taste of friendship Parthenopean tasty dishes in this restaurant that builds on the tradition of "Monzù" the great chefs of the kingdom of Naples....

Ristorante "Mad Cow"

Via di Torre Morena, 66 - Morena, 14.3Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Pizzeria Pappa e Ciccia

via Appia Nuova 1280 - Roma, 14.3Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Mamma Venerina

Via G. Vitelleschi, 44-46-48 - Roma, 14.4Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Bar Indonesiano "Bali"

Via del Mattonato, 29 - Roma, 14.5Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Maxela

Borgo Vittorio, 92 - Roma, 14.5Km da Settecamini
here Maxela was born , a restaurant attached to a butchers shop that preserves the typical simplicity of the old shop trades. The entrance is dominated by the meat counter, expertly managed by the butcher who recommends the best cuts, which can be cooked in four different ways: rare, grilled, pan-broiled or fried. With its b...

Ristorante " Moli' "

via Rubattino, 22 - Roma, 14.5Km da Settecamini

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Soffitta - Renovatio"

piazza del Risorgimento 46a - Roma, 14.5Km da Settecamini
The restaurant combines a young and dynamic management tradition and genuine cuisine, based on the quality of raw materials. All the ingredients of our cuisine are first-choice and recall the flavors of the earth and the sea, to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. Attention and creativity are used in composing our dishes, b...

Enoteca "Il Bacocco"

Via Goffredo Mameli, 61-62 - Roma, 14.6Km da Settecamini
The Bacocco, a delightful Bistro Wine Bar in , romantic Mameli street just behind the chaos of Trastevere, a bit under the Gianicolo, conducted with passion and meticulous attention to detail. The wine list counts over 270 labels, all the bottles are carefully researched in the areas and vineyards of the Italian territory (f...

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