Sophia's restaurant

Corso Sempione, 91 - Milano, 8.0Km da Settimo Milanese
A staircase – made in damask red marble and glass – leads directly to Sophia’s Restaurant, which is one of the newest haunts in the city of Milan. The restaurant – located in a large loft, renovated preserving the pre-existing industrial architecture style and furnished with designer items – is a refined environment with a s...

Ristorante Trap of Taste

Via Leone Tolstoj, 9 - Milano, 8.2Km da Settimo Milanese

Ristorante Russo "Russkiy Mir"

via ausonio 23 - Milano, 8.2Km da Settimo Milanese
Typical russian restaurant, in center of Milan, next to discos and pubs. Offers traditional dishes, like borsch (russian soup), shashlik (grilled meat or fish), blinis (typical crepes that you can fill in with caviar, salmon, chicken, cheese...), red and black caviar, we have list of vodka and champagne (and italian wines) and r...

Ristorante Pizzeria "RCH 31"

via Morimondo, 26 - Milano, 8.4Km da Settimo Milanese

Ristorante "Blue Ginger" Asian Contemporary Food

Viale Carlo Troya, 22 - Milano, 8.5Km da Settimo Milanese

Ristorante Cinese "Bon-wei"

Via Castelvetro, 16/18 - Milano, 8.5Km da Settimo Milanese

Ristorante Libanese Lyr

Corso Sempione, 48 - Milano, 8.6Km da Settimo Milanese
Lyr, the contemporary Lebanese restaurant where the fascination of the East meets the sophistication of the West. A place where the palate savors dishes created with the best ingredients and unique combinations, the eyes are enchanted by their surroundings in a triumph of elegance and taste, the mind is enraptured by the s...

Gibilterra drink, music & more

Via Stendhal, 30 - Milano, 8.8Km da Settimo Milanese

Ristorante "La Corte Della Risaia"

Via Bardolino, 30 - Milano, 8.8Km da Settimo Milanese
Elegant premises from the 18th century, milanese court, located in he countryside used as ricefield: this is the Restaurant "Corte Della Risaia". Furnished in a rustic style but finely kept giving attention to the details that recall the historical period, with strong wooden details. This place provides three halls: a larger h...

Ristorante "Da Giulia"

Piazza A. Gramsci, 3 - Milano, 8.9Km da Settimo Milanese
At Ristorante da Giulia triumph Mediterranean flavors. The atmosphere of the restaurant is elegant, comfortable and enjoyable. The "dehors" outside the center of the large square into a pedestrian zone is a marvel immersed in the city, with special care and attention to taste, starting with only a candle by illumination up for d...

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