Ristorante "La Perla del mare"

piazza Marina, 18 - Sferracavallo

Ristorante pizzeria Cutino

Via Palermo, 10 - Isola delle Femmine, 2.5Km da Sferracavallo
The restaurant Cutino is located within the splendid scenery of the sea town of Isola delle Femmine near the port and close to the historic centre of Isola, an ideal place to take a stroll after an abundant lunch or elegant dinner. The restaurant is lucky to have a large parking area thanks to the square to its side which can h...

Ristorante Pizzeria Costa Corsara

Viale Marino, 29 - Isola delle Femmine, 3.0Km da Sferracavallo

Ristorante "Badalamenti Cucina e Bottega"

Viale Galatea, 55 - Mondello, 3.5Km da Sferracavallo

Ristorante Pizzeria Sant'Elmo

Viale dei Saraceni, 72 (lungomare Isola delle Femmine) - Isola delle Femmine, 3.7Km da Sferracavallo
Sant'Elmo restaurant born of the family Dalì experience. is located directly on the beautiful beach of the Isola delle Femmine, Our Chef, an international reputation, will make your stay unforgettable, thanks to their experience, the quality of raw materials and the scenery is absolutely charming. The location lends itself to ...

Ristorante "Bye Bye Blues"

Via del Garofalo, 23 - Mondello, 4.5Km da Sferracavallo
In 1991 Bye Bye Blues begins its adventure: the restaurant was born from the great experience of Antonio Barraco, professional barman and sommelier, and from the passion for cookery of his wife Patrizia Di Benedetto who, due to her mum’s and grandma’s teaching, ‘refurbished’ her cookery roots by enriching them with studies and s...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Baro"

Via Mario Rutelli, 20 - Palermo, 9.0Km da Sferracavallo

Ristorante Talìa

Via Giotto 1 - Palermo, 9.2Km da Sferracavallo
Talìa Restaurant and Wine bar Located in Palermo city Talìa offers to its customer a real and typical Sicilian and Italian cousine. Good taste and quality. Indoor and outdoor area where is possible to have lunch, dinner, or drink....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Giardino"

via Isaac Rabin, 2/bis - Palermo, 9.3Km da Sferracavallo

Ristorante Pizzeria "Civoleva"

Piazza Generale A. Cascino, 163 - Palermo, 9.4Km da Sferracavallo

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