Ristorante Pizzeria "Da Aldo"

Via IV novembre N°1 - Vidigulfo, 8.5Km da Torre d'Arese

Trattoria "Antica Osteria al Portone"

Via Portone, 24 - Landriano, 8.9Km da Torre d'Arese
The restaurant "Antica Osteria al Portone" is located in an old manor house of the Sforza" that has been renovated trying to maintain the simplicity of the space inside and setting up a room with "affresco" of 400 recovered in the restructuring. Outside a lovely garden is an ideal place for ceremonies always in his simplicity. T...

Ristorante Brasserie

via Gianni Brera 2 - Zeccone, 9.5Km da Torre d'Arese

Ristorante Le Rubinie del Po

Loc.Ponte della becca N1 - Linarolo, 13.0Km da Torre d'Arese

Griglieria Birreria Jumbo

via lanfranco 14 - Pavia, 14.4Km da Torre d'Arese

Ristorante "Locanda del Carmine"

Piazza del Carmine, 7/A - Pavia, 14.5Km da Torre d'Arese
The restaurant "Locanda del Carmine" is born for wish of the family refreshing known Soldati of the province in Pavia, and it places in the ex church of the ss.Trinità, from done searches the whole building block that the south side of the Plaza of the Carmine delimits derives from a change, effected in modern epoch, of the c...

Antica Trattoria Ferrari

Via dei Mille, 111 - Pavia, 15.1Km da Torre d'Arese

Ristorante Pizzeria "Zii Gaetano"

Viale Pavia, 98 - Lodi, 15.3Km da Torre d'Arese

Ristorante "Da Francescon"

via Dei Mille, 146 - Pavia, 15.3Km da Torre d'Arese

Trattoria La Cava

Via Colombara 1 - Colturano, 15.5Km da Torre d'Arese

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