Ristorante "Da Francescon"

via Dei Mille, 146 - Pavia, 2.9Km da Travacò Siccomario

Antica Trattoria Ferrari

Via dei Mille, 111 - Pavia, 3.1Km da Travacò Siccomario

Ristorante Giapponese e Cinese "868 Wok Sushi"

Via Turati, 34 - San Martino Siccomario, 3.7Km da Travacò Siccomario

Ristorante "Locanda del Carmine"

Piazza del Carmine, 7/A - Pavia, 4.2Km da Travacò Siccomario
The restaurant "Locanda del Carmine" is born for wish of the family refreshing known Soldati of the province in Pavia, and it places in the ex church of the ss.Trinità, from done searches the whole building block that the south side of the Plaza of the Carmine delimits derives from a change, effected in modern epoch, of the c...

Griglieria Birreria Jumbo

via lanfranco 14 - Pavia, 4.4Km da Travacò Siccomario

Ristorante Le Rubinie del Po

Loc.Ponte della becca N1 - Linarolo, 5.4Km da Travacò Siccomario

Ristorante Brasserie

via Gianni Brera 2 - Zeccone, 12.0Km da Travacò Siccomario

Ristorante Pizzeria "Emporio di Vino"

Via Galileo Galilei 4 - Broni, 12.8Km da Travacò Siccomario
The Restaurant Emporio di Vino is located in Broni behind the first hills of Oltrepò Pavese. The cuisine is related to tradition and local products. The foods are linked to seasonal changes and the search for new solutions that represent the true spirit of Oltrepò, land border, which synthesizes the traditions of Lombardia, P...

Ristorante "Antica Trattoria"

via Emilia, 50 - Santa Giuletta, 12.9Km da Travacò Siccomario

Agriturismo Sant'Antonio

Località Sant'Antonio, 143 - Stradella, 16.8Km da Travacò Siccomario
Our restaurant has been drawn from a stall of the XVIII century. It is constituted by two rooms where up to 70 people can find place. During the warm seasons, on request, it is possible to have lunch or dinner in the courtyards. The menu is always tied to the course of the seasons, so that we can propose to our guests what b...

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