Ristorante "Pucia' "

via Misericordia 7 - Abbiategrasso, 14.3Km da Trecate
The Pucià restaurant, is located in the heart of Abbiategrasso, in a splendid building of the '600 dominated by a completely renovated wooden press that gives the restaurant a warm and welcome atmosphere for an evening out for a couple of family or with friends. At Pucià, in Milan means "to dip", conviviality reigns supreme. Our ...

Ristorante La Bucascia

via Samaritana,14 - Caltignaga, 15.1Km da Trecate

Ristorante Da Maiuccia

Via Sacchetti, 10 - Vigevano, 15.8Km da Trecate

Ristorante Vinoteca "Il Tastevin"

Corso Anita Garibaldi, 28 - Vigevano, 15.8Km da Trecate

Ristorante Pizzeria "Tentazioni"

Via 26 aprile, 12 - Vigevano, 15.9Km da Trecate

Sherwood Pub pizzeria

Via Giarone, 7 - Nicorvo, 17.1Km da Trecate
Nino and Barbara started from scratch this pub renovating the barn in 1996 and now after over 10 years Sherwood Pub is one of the best ones in Lomellina There are two main rooms plus a summer dehor for over 170 places. In the main room there is a big fireplace and a big wall painting made by Nino: the subject is a famous p...

Ristorante "La Crusa Dal Ga"

via don Minzoni, 48 - Bellinzago Novarese, 17.1Km da Trecate

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Rustica"

via Adua, 25 - Arluno, 17.2Km da Trecate

Enoteca ristorante "Cielo e Vino"

Via Enrico Toti, 28 - Dairago, 18.1Km da Trecate
You drink: in peace even a single glass of wine chosen from among the countless proposals for all types of the world, a particular beer, a distilled quality, chatting, reading or listening to music. You eat: combine your glass of wine with a platter of cheese or platter of salumi, a symphony of taste and unique sensations. W...

Ristorante i Castagni

Via Ottobiano, 8/20 - Vigevano, 18.2Km da Trecate

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