Ristorante Pizzeria "La Pergola"

via Mercanta, 14 - Faenza, 23.5Km da Tredozio

Agriturismo La Querciola

Via Campolasso, 4 - Riolo Terme, 23.8Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Cinque Cucchiai

Via Emilia Ponente, 23 - Faenza, 25.5Km da Tredozio
The restaurant is located under a very old oak tree in the middle of our garden. It offers excellent seafood and a wide range of wines. For exclusive dinners near the swimming pool during the Summer,for business and light lunch or meetings, we offer special catered options for special events at our restaurant Cinque Cucchiai. O...

Ristorante "Cantina Manfredi"

Vicolo Diavoletto 1/A - Faenza, 25.6Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Pizzeria "La tana del Lupo"

via Emilia Ponente, 59 - Faenza, 26.1Km da Tredozio

Agriturismo La Marletta

Via Bergullo, 8 - Imola, 27.8Km da Tredozio

Agriturismo "Cà Monti"

Via Montemorosino, 4 - Sassoleone, 28.3Km da Tredozio
The restaurant operates on a reservation. You can enjoy seasonal menus based on local products, pasta with homemade rolling pin with spices of the season (in spring Prugnoli mushrooms and wild asparagus, in summer Shallots of Romagna and other vegetables from our garden, autumn mushrooms and truffles white of our forests). The l...

Osteria "Le Ombre"

Via dei Mille, 13 - Forlì, 28.7Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Hostaria900

Viale Dante, 20 - Imola, 29.8Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Olivaia di Villa Campestri

Via di Campestri, 19/22 - Vicchio, 30.1Km da Tredozio
Guests are welcomed in charming rooms with polychromatic caissoned wooden ceilings with carved shelving, stone window frames and terracotta floors. The restaurant offers specialities of Tuscan cuisine accompanied by the finest local and Italian wines. The extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables, and most of the fruit are p...

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