Trattoria "Gustavino & Passalacqua"

Località Selve, 261/A - Monzuno, 44.0Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Cascina di Gildo"

via Manzone, 3 - Massa Lombarda, 44.4Km da Tredozio

Ristorante "Il Convivio dei Corsi"

Piazza San Michele, 3 - Raggiolo, 44.8Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Bellavista

viale san Francesco 17 - Chiusi della Verna, 45.0Km da Tredozio

EcoRistorante Piescano

Via di Barberino, 214 - Calenzano, 46.0Km da Tredozio
Exploitation of the structure and eco-compatible materials have characterized the restructuring of the restaurant Piescano where the new elements of 'furniture relate well with those pre-existing. The dishes always treated in the creation and presentation of good taste reconcile with the freshness and authenticity of products....

Ristorante "Voli e Sapori"

Via Sabbionara, 5 - Ozzano dell'Emilia, 46.1Km da Tredozio

Agriturismo QuerciaBuca

Via di Tagliacane, 3 - Pianoro, 46.1Km da Tredozio

Trattoria Emilia

Via Castiglione, 8 - Cervia, 46.4Km da Tredozio
In the premises of a historic restaurant, opened in 1923, opened in November 2009 by a young management, where the passion for cooking and his love for his native Romagna damage as a result a warm welcome in a warm but simple, which reflects a full the title of the restaurant and the inevitable focus on the food proposals, which ...

Ristorante Pizzeria "For You"

Via Emilia Levante 4201 - Cesena, 46.4Km da Tredozio

Ristorante Aurora

Piazza Mino 39 - Fiesole, 47.0Km da Tredozio
Aurora restaurant, open all the year, has the unique terrace in Fiesole with breathtaking and romantic landscape over Florence, 90 seats in the interior room and 100 outside. The restaurant presents a menu a la càrte with mainly traditional Tuscany dishes like grilled steak and florentine cannelloni. The proposals change every s...

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