Ristorante Pizzeria "Alla Stazione"

Strada prov. di Farnei 2 - Muggia, 5.1Km da Trieste

Ristorante "Le Vele"

Viale Miramare, 325/1 [al bivio] - Trieste
In a tastefully elegant room overlooking the sea Le Vele’s restaurant creates a relaxing mood for a memorable dining experience. Guests will be enchanted by our chef’s exceptional and innovative interpretation of the best of italian and Mediterranean cuisine for every possible occasion whether they are dining for business, p...

Ristorante "Al Settimo Cielo"

Località Prosecco, 162 - Prosecco, 7.0Km da Trieste
A simple and imaginative cuisine offers the opportunity to know the goodness of organic products, fair trade and ethical value-added, tasting in a quote in the beautiful natural landscape of Carso. Not missing, for people who love local traditions, the chance to taste the classic dishes of the cuisine of Carso, which is also p...

Ristorante "Trattoria Vecia Gisela"

Via Valentinis, 136 - Monfalcone, 24.4Km da Trieste
The restaurant is placed near the A4 exit, Monfalcone east. There is a private parking area and a summer garden. The specialities are the fresh home made pasta, like tagliatelle, tortellini, large green tortellini and other. The typical cuisine is Emiliana. In summer season you can taste our grilled meat and the famous Piadina. W...

Ristorante Taverna "Al Canevon"

Calle Corbatto - Grado, 29.1Km da Trieste
In the heart of the Grado ancient a few steps from the birthplace of the poet Biagio Marin Solenni Basilicas "The Tavern at Canevon" in Calle Corbatto, becomes guardian and witness in the typic old restaurant style. Experience and originality of the chef Pino Verginella assisted by his sons Fabio and Gianluca suggest a t...

Trattoria Gostilna Devetak

Brezici, 22 - Savogna d'Isonzo, 30.6Km da Trieste
Our family has been running Devetak Restaurant at San Michele del Carso-Vrh Sv. Mihaela since 1870. The village is not far from the border between Italy and Slovenia and the nearby places were the scene of many cruel fights during the First World War. On the top of the hill above the village there are the Memorial to War Dead, a ...

Trattoria Bar "Al Chiosco"

via III Armata, 50 - Redipuglia Sacrario, 30.8Km da Trieste

Ristorante Redipuglia

Casa III Armata Colle S. Elia - Redipuglia Sacrario, 31.3Km da Trieste

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Catapecchia"

Via Trieste,120 - Fiumicello, 32.4Km da Trieste

Ristorante "Atto Primo"

Via San Michele Campagna 22/c - Fidenza, 32.9Km da Trieste

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