Ristorante al Calmiere

Piazza San Zeno, 10
37123 Verona (VR) - Italy

Ristorante al Calmiere - Verona
Restaurant "Al Calmiere" is located in one of the most beautiful historical sites in Verona: Piazza San Zeno. Whenever the temperature permits can be served in stallage external in front of the masterpiece of Romanesque Basilica of San Zeno (founded in the eighth and ninth sec.). The kitchen that Pietro and Morena offers to customers is the most faithful and inspired established tradition of Verona. Appetizer consisting of a slice of polenta served with toasted chopped bacon and "soppressa" or "Luccio" with sauce, the first fresh pasta, accompanied by "Sughiera" different types of sauce (meat sauce, tomatoes, peas) in the classic noodles broth with chicken livers, the gnocchi in the tradition of alpine mountains Lessini; the Amarone risotto. For meat, the menu varies from basket of boiled meat, sauces accompanied by typical as the "Peara" sauce, known only to Verona, the green sauce and "cren", all exclusively prepared by the kitchen. Grilled meats, Proposals for beef, horse, pig. Horse and beef tenderloin with balsamic vinegar. Followed by grilled and steamed vegetables. The well-stocked wine list, with about 400 labels from the premises, including a selected list of "wine seduction" to accompany the desserts, including, in addition to fresh fruit, include: the "Tiramisu" with Pandoro Verona, cream and yoghurt accompanied by berry jam or honey and hazelnut, "panna cotta" served with strawberry mousse, the sbrisolona, a dry sweet not exactly from Verona, but with some Grappa added to wet it. Of course all the desserts are prepared accurately from the kitchen. "

 Indicative price * from € 35,00 to € 45,00  
 Food Regional food
 Speciality Cucina nella tradizione Veronese
 Information 12:30-14:30 19:00-22:30 sempre aperto grandi eventi e fiere
 Opening from 10/01 to 31/12  
 Closing days monday,sunday (dinner).
Air conditioning Outdoor parking Disabled Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 27/01/2010 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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