Ristorante Trattoria "La Barcaccia"

Via Mura del Fossato - Piazza Malatesta - Verucchio

Ristorante "il Chiosco di Bacco"

Via Santarcangiolese, 62 - Torriana, 1.7Km da Verucchio
In a quiet corner of the countryside, under the Torriana hill, there was once a big and prosperous vineyard, until recently... Bacco used to live there, under the shadow of juicy bunches of grapes. This is where the Chiosco was born: the vineyard was transformed into a lush garden and its shoots changed into tables, chairs and f...

Casa Zanni

Via Casale, 213 - Verucchio

Ristorante Pizzeria "Cacao Il Ristorantino"

via XXV Marzo 12 - San Marino, 5.3Km da Verucchio

Ristorante Pizzeria "Agli Antichi Orti"

Viale Federico d'Urbino, 5 - San Marino, 6.0Km da Verucchio

Ristorante L'Arengo

Viale Antonio Onofri, 31 - San Marino, 6.0Km da Verucchio
A modern and refined Restaurant one step away from the historic center… The tastes of a welcoming and informal location together with the pleasure of a traditional and genuine cuisine… The pleasure of joining together in a place suiting every occasion....

Ristorante La Terrazza

Contrada del Collegio, 31 - San Marino, 6.0Km da Verucchio
A Terrace suspended among the palaces and streets of the historic center, the impressive and multicoloured landscapes of the Marecchia Valley and the sky, with its marvellous sunsets. The enchantment of the location matches with the tastes of teh traditional cuisine and the pleasure of good wines, to create an almost magical a...

Ristorante "Schiumakers"

Strada dei censiti, 3 - San Marino, 7.0Km da Verucchio

Ristorante Degli Ulivi

Via Selve II°, 930 - Longiano, 10.6Km da Verucchio

Ristorante Pizzeria "Osteria Belvedere"

via Toselli, 19 - San Leo, 11.5Km da Verucchio

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